Rashawn Copeland

Rashawn Copeland is an Evangelist, Published Author, and Medical Service Officer in the United States Army. University of Central Oklahoma Graduate - Currently in Seminary at the Liberty University. Rashawn is a Young Adult Pastor at People's Church in Oklahoma City. He is also on the #Passion2017 Conference team. He does weekly snapchat sermons, where he shares the Gospel uniquely to his followers and supporters to educate them on the kingdom of God and spiritual growth. He was raised in a military family by his parents, Rodney, a former coastguard, and Renea, a business owner. He has three brothers: Mashawn, Tuswani, and Shamaad. Rashawn recently married Denisse Copeland in August 2016 and has a son named Jerrell Rodney Copeland.


by: Rashawn Copeland

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