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Called by GRACE

In my 20's I knew of Jesus, but never "knew" Jesus. I vivdly remeber chasing fame and fortune after finishing college at Central Oklahoma. I decided to pack  my bags and head to the "City Of Angels" Los Angeles. My dream was to pursue an acting and modeling career... while " doing it for the vine" to gain fame via social media. My satisfaction was in the wordly things such as the lusting of women, popularity, money, and possesions. I gained much during my time in LA- I spent some time as Soulja Boy hypeman and booked with companies such as Tru-Tv, Oxygen TV, Nokia- Microsoft, you name it.


I was earning more money and gaining fame. But, despite it all I was empty and depressed. At this point I was in the verge of commiting suicide due to the reality that the fame, women, and possesions didn't satisfy me the way I anticipated. This dark place drew me to God.In desperation to Him one late night wanting answers-- wholeheartedly asking Him to reveal Himself to me. The same night a couple hours later, I woke up in the spiritual realm-- Out Of Body Experience(OBE). Crazy, but true! 


My soul left my body. I was in a dark place. I remember waking up, immediantly started packing all my bags, picked up and started reading the Bible I had found underneath the bed that night, and caught a greyhound bus back to Oklahoma.Ever since then, I've been following Jesus and sharing the Love of God since.



I was raised in a Catholic home knowing of God but never coming to a knowledge of Jesus. In my 20's I lived my life based on what I thought was right and passed through life believing that as long as I didn't commit the major sins I was good with God.


During those years I was trying to figure out who I really was and my purpose here on earth. I began experimenting the life of parties, drinks, relationships, and rebellion. All because I was desperate to find my worth and identity. This lifestyle that so many called "the way" was leading me to a path of depression and isolation.


I felt disgusted with myself knowing that deep down I was worth more than all the junk that I had in my life. I began to seek for answers and community.Later on, my best friend at the time knew of a bible study group that took place at a local coffee shop called " THE BARN" that she was familiar with.


So I gave it a shot, I went a few times gave my life to the Lord, made new friends and God so graciously started cleansing me of all the junk in my life to the point I was finally seeing my new identity and worth in His eyes. I spent a lot of time in prayer and the reading of scriptures. His word was life and breath to me it finally all clicked that life is so much more than ourselves and desires.


Today I know who I am in Christ and who I was created to be, every day is a privilege to grow closer to the lover of your soul and now I live to encourage other women that their worth and value does not come from anything this world has to offer but it is found in the hands of the maker of your whole being.

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