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Why Comparing Your Body is Deadly

“Comparison is the death of joy.”  ― Mark Twain


God Created Your Body

According to Psalm 139, God not only created your personality. He also presented you with your body. Verse 15 says, “My frame not hidden from Thee, I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the depths of the earth.” (NASB)

In Hebrew, the word translated wrought means “embroidered.” It was the same Hebrew word used to refer to the skillful and artistic needlework. When God fashioned you in your mother’s womb. He embroidered you with His hand, the same hand that created the heavens and the earth. Whoa! Yes! With great skill He formed you — with His Almighty hand, He bought you back with His Son, and by His grace and mercy He brought you into existence.

“Although no one else could see you, God saw every intricate detail of the formation of your body”

Knowing God as the ultimate weaver who intricately embroiders colors together to create the most pleasant pattern, God knit together your muscles, veins, nerves and every curve and indenture. His creative hand went out on a romantic adventure to enjoy the whole process of creating your body.

Perhaps you think other companions, classmates, co-workers or celebrities — canvases are beautiful, but not yours. "I don't like my teeth, my feet, my breast, my nose, my hips, or lips. and to be completely transparent I don't like much about me." We could all list a plethora of things that we dislike about ourselves. But if we are displeased of our physical body, which is a gift to us by our Creator, we are basically starting an argument with God — and that's an argument that Is over before it's started - He wins every-single-time.

The culture’s eye venom is comparison? Could this be the problem with what you see is wrong with you. Maybe comparison is the cup you’ve been drinking from?

As devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we know that any parallel perspective that is off Jesus — and on the next person is dangerous, deadly, and twisted, yet culturally easy to be entangled with. The world is always telling us to find idols or role models to look up too.

My wife, Denisse, once said that women look at other women, more than men look at women. That statement was so funny, yet so true! I will be the first to say women study, analyze, scrutinize, and compare to see who is doing what, when, and where — and don't let me forget, what does she wear? And how is her hair?

The Bible reads clearly on comparison, when we compare ourselves to others, we’re told we are without understanding. The Living Bible says we are “stupid” (2 Corinthians 10:12).


  • Comparison defeats our desire to enjoy other people

  • Comparison impedes any hope for stable emotions

  • Comparison plunges your promise to lead a life of godly contentment

  • Comparison will ensure frustration due to defeat by jealousy


Finally, we know that comparison is wrong and damaging. The heart we should be praying to have towards our bodies that God gave us, is a grateful heart in awe, to understand our Father sent our Lord and Savior, Jesus' body into the world. -- to be humbled, crushed, and crucified to make us beautiful and free of all sin in the sight of Himself, and because of that we should desire to be who God chose to make us — more than the most glorious beach body (on Instagram) or the most powerful athlete (on ESPN) we could ever think of; because to have been thought about, or born into deepest depths of God’s thought, and then made by Him — is the most precious, grandest, and breathtaking thing in all of mankind.

God Created Your Life Purpose The final truth we can learn about ourselves from this psalm. God has a plan — a purpose — for your life: “Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” (Psalm 139:16).

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