The Joy of Being Created to Praise God

June 25, 2017

Let us always offer to God our sacrifice of praise. - (Hebrews 13:15)


"It's not that we should declare praises of God. It's that we may."- Louie Giglio


Praise Him Continuously

You are a holy great God.
Your character is pure.

Your truth is absolute.
Your strength is forevermore. 
Your discipline is just.

Your provisions are abundant for our needs. 
Your light is adequate and continuous for our path.

Your grace is sufficient for our sins. 
You are never late, never early... You are always right on time. 
Your plan is perfect. 
Uncomfortable. Troubling. Humbling. 
But Perfect.

A Thought to Ponder
Tonight, whatever you're worrying about, God has a perfect plan. He is bigger than your fear and He is stronger than your obstacle. Have Faith. Be Still. His Mercy endures forever and ever!
-Rashawn Copeland

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