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Finding God in Your Spouses Complaints

Love Never Gives Up, Never Loses Faith, Is Always Hopeful, and Endures Through Every Circumstances.- (1 Corinthians 13:7)


Finding The Hidden Gem In a Complaint!

What does your spouse complain about all the time? We typically see complaints as a bad thing or negative criticism. The truth be told - there's always a hidden gem hidden within the core of a claim. We can find valuable information in the most saddle complaint from not only our loved ones but from anyone. I remember reading in "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. He stated The Complaint of a person reveals their heart. So in essence, if your husband or wife continues to have recurring complaints it's just them showing their love language.

What have I learned most about this truth in my life? We just hit our one year anniversary today, and one of the complaints my wife Denisse frequently said in our first year of marriage is, "We don't ever spend enough time together. You talk to yourself more than you talk to me," She was telling me initially that we needed more "Quality Time" together.... Unbeknown to me early in our marriage is that my wife love language was QT and that love tank was clearly on empty.

Today you may feel frustrated. You may desire to make your love more evident for your spouse. The greatest thing we can do is focus on 1 Corinthians 13:7, the words from Paul say, "Love NEVER gives up." When we decide to remain hopeful, we allow ourselves to see the good in everything, even in your spouse's complaints.

The best way to change a complaint is not to faint, but to ask God to help you understand it.

—Rashawn Copeland

PS: Today is Denisse and I, One Year Marriage Anniversary! If you guys get a chance stop by one of our social platforms. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and help me make today special for her :) God Bless! We love you guys!

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