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Food For Thought: Keep Faith In God

The Power Of Your Faith Lies In The Object Of Your Faith

Some believe it doesn't matter what you have faith in, just believe in something. I’ve heard countless self-help authors and speakers say, “Believe in You.” That is a self imposed thought that is the breeding ground of Pride. One of the most dangerous qualities of pride is that it lurks into areas in our hearts where other sins once lived. We begin to conquer some sinful attitude, or habit, or addiction with God’s help, and soon enough we marvel at our own strength, or resolve, or purity, as if we somehow accomplished it on our own. C.S. Lewis writes, “The devil loves ‘curing’ a small fault by giving you a great one” (Mere Christianity 127). The confidence we feel in ourselves after defeating sin can carry us as far away from God as, or even farther than, the sin we defeated.

Earlier this year I had a bizarre conversation with one of my co workers that went like this:

“It doesn’t matter what I believe in,” said Preston. “It’s the just believing in something that matters. “Explain to me what you mean,” I replied. “What do you believe in, man?” “Oh, anything and everything that helps me. Right now I have faith in my food.” He states while eating during a lunch break.

“Hmmm…Sigh, your food?”

I explained to Preston, that "the key to faith is the object of the faith." Christ is the trustworthy object of faith, but Preston wanted to believe in his food. Food is very convent to believe in. Food expects nothing, and your food commands nothing. No obedience is required of the “believer” in food. I walked away from my conversation with Preston knowing that he was perplexed, that his “Food” could not forgive him of his sin, grant him eternal life, or calm any anxiety in his heart. Only Jesus could do that. The Bible tells us:

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. (Psalm 18:2)

Jesus is worthy to be the object of our faith because of His unchanging marvelous character.

Written By : Rashawn Copeland, Founder of Without Walls Ministries | Oklahoma City, OK

Connect with Rashawn on Twitter (@Hypesir7) or Instagram at: @Hypesir

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