A Word of Encouragement for Single Adults

A Word of Encouragement for Single Adults:

God can use social media to lead you to your spouse! Don't give up on God's plan.

We remember being single, Denisse and I, courted for 1 year then got engaged. We met on the Snapchat app. I can remember Denisse, commenting often on my Snapchat sermons.

One day we finally spoke on the phone to hear each other's testimonies. I found her stunning, bold, and in love with Jesus. I fell in love with her then and there, and despite my excitement to know her more deeply. I felt God whisper into my heart saying, "She's the one."

The first time we met, I remember stepping off of the airplane super nervous and elated to meet her. The first few moments were a tad distressing, but once I held her in my arms it felt like we didn’t let go of each other for 10 plus minutes. I remember noticing she was incredibly smaller than I imagined. I knew her height – 5ft 4 – but being able to actually see and feel it made it real. She actually thought the opposite, noticing I was a huge amount taller – 6ft 2 – and apparently more attractive in person (jk) lol.

Thankful, we had many amazing people around us especially couples like ShawnMaguire.net and ShawnandTanda Maguire who invested so much in our marriage.

As young adults, would come through our OKC's Recharge Young Adult Ministry, it was a joy to see them continuing to grow in Christ. One Thursday night a young lady was giving a very personal testimony of the Lord’s work in her life. As she spoke I saw more clearly than ever that all of the counsel we have given to single adults floods down to this one thing.

Life is not about marrying the right person, admission into a certain college, or choosing the perfect career path. Now, thank God, it is much simpler than that! Yes, those decisions must be made. But they are all to be made the same way – by faith.

Faith is not just for old and wise - married people, nor is it for only broken and sick people. God intended it for all people. We as young adults must understand the importance of it. (The earlier in life we learn to live by faith) the more fully we can grow into a cultivating heart that is desperate to please God, and enjoy all that He has planned for us.

The faith life is the greatest life of all. But, how do we live by faith?

Write down it down and take notes:

Wait on the Lord. Trust Him to bring all of His will to pass in your life, in His time.

Rest in His Word. Take the very promises of Scripture as your own. Meditate on the faithfulness of God.

Enjoy fellowship with Christ. No mate, degree, or job can bring contentment. Find your joy in Jesus.

Let God be thorough with you in the season you are in. Learn. Grow. Prepare. The prime of life is the present!

Recently a young man I have great respect for testified to me how God was using this time in his life to teach him lessons he knew he needed for his future and for a family. It takes great maturity (and patience) to believe that God is getting you ready for more. “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Phil. 1:6).

God is not finished with you. Keep moving forward with the Lord and you will find every good thing He has prepared for you.


Rashawn Copeland and Denisse Copeland